10 Outdoor Activities to Kick Off the Fall Season

Gone are the long summer days and warm nights. School is in session and autumn is upon us! It's that time of the year when leaves are about to start changing, the days getting shorter, and mornings grow chillier. A brand new and exciting season is approaching and it is full of energy and excitement. This is the perfect time to get the kids on their feet.

If you want your kids to go outside and running around then we have a list of activities that guarantees a season full of fun.

1. Play with the leaves

In life, some of our fondest memories may be the cheapest. For parents, you can ask kids to help you rake in the leaves and let them dive in those earthy pile. Messing up with your hard work has never been this so much fun.

2. Visit an orchard and do apple picking

Thinking of baking apple pies for your kids this fall? Bring the kids to an orchard and let them pick the apples for you. September and October are the prime months for ripe apples, and local orchards across the country open their doors to the public during this time.

3. Go for a hayride

Take your kids to a farm tradition as fun as a hayride. It's a simple celebration but something worth experiencing. Load up those hay, climb into a wagon, and bump around a country road while enjoying the beautiful fall colors all around.

4. Head to a pumpkin patch

Fall season is synonymous with pumpkins. Have your kids ready and let them pick their own Halloween pumpkin.

5. Have a picnic

Pack the family's favorite on-the-go eats and head outdoors! Spread a blanket for an afternoon of fun while breathing in the cool, crisp air.

6. Take a hike

Listen to the sound of leaves crunching under your feet by taking your kids hiking. Everyone is staying active and at the same time basking in all the beauty fall has to offer.



7. Do a scavenger hunt

Prepare all those pine cones, yellow leaves, acorns, and crab apples and let the kids find them all. Be creative and make riddles for each item so it will be more challenging for the participants.

8. Do gardening

Get those little hands dirty by planting bulbs and enjoy their beauty in the spring time.

9Play a game of football

Labor Day weekend officially kicked off football season so celebrate that by having Dad and the boys play football themselves in the backyard. Have a barbecue party, invite the neighborhood kids, and let the fun begin.

10. Explore fall colors

Autumn is a riot of colors. Witness and take advantage of the fall foliage by going on a hike or drive down an open road with the entire family just to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

There is so much to explore and enjoy during the fall season. The best way to do this is to simply head outdoors. You will be surprised to discover amazing nature treasures while making memories as family.