Backyard Games for Kids to Try and Enjoy!

It's a constant worry for parents these days the amount of exposure and accessibility kids have when it comes to technology. There is also a high level of anxiety among parents that kids would rather be in front of a computer than get some exercise by playing outside.

There is no need to worry for it's not too late to encourage them to have fun outdoors. Keep them active and entertain through backyard games. This is a good way for them to interact with their friends too.

We've picked some of our favorite backyard games that your kids will enjoy.

Lawn Twister

Twister is a game of physical skill and has been a regular source of entertainment for families and friends ever since it was first introduced during the 1960's. It is played on a large plastic mat that is spread on the floor or ground but if you want to be more inventive, take it outside and turn your grass into a giant board game with a little spray paint of red, yellow, blue and green. Get step by step instructions via Instructables.

Super Soakers

When you mention Super Soaker the first thing that comes into your mind is water gun. The Super Soaker was invented in 1982 by American engineer Lonnie Johnson. Kids and adult alike enjoy using water guns especially during summer time when the temperature rises! For more game ideas check out One Heart One Family.


This is a game in which players on two teams try to throw balls at each other while avoiding being hit themselves. This is typically played among children ages 6-12 but has since evolved and played in universities and in organized recreational leagues. When it comes to letting your kids enjoy this game, there is no need to go to a gym or basketball court anymore, dodgeball can be easily adapted for backyard play. Check the rules via Fun Games Kids Play.

Scavenger Hunt

This game is not just finding multiple objects; it has numerous benefits such as allowing kids to practice problem solving and teaches the value of teamwork and social interaction. So, if your kids need more excitement to an ordinary day then send them to a scavenger hunt in the yard! Know the rules and learn fun ideas via My Kid’s Adventures.

Water Balloon Toss

This outdoor activity is a staple during family BBQ or summer parties. Kids get excited popping water balloons and getting wet makes this simple game even more exhilarating. Have your kids tossing water balloons back and forth in your backyard and watch them having a blast! Check out game instructions via National Geographic Kids.

Although some games do come at a small cost, keep in mind that it is little compared to your kids having fun childhood memories and the many benefits that works in favor of being able to play outdoors and staying active.