Basic Safety Tips for Outdoor Activities

Children love to play outdoors. They rejoice from spending time outside at any given day. Aside from having fun, it is also a place for them to test one's physical abilities. Outdoor activities provide a learning platform for kids to be more confident, self-reliant and enforce team spirit. But safety should always be a priority for parents. It may not sound fun but it is necessary.

There are risks involved in any outdoor activities such as accidental trips, scraped knees or elbows, etc. but there are many ways to limit the number of injuries and to simply have a good safe time.


General Outdoor Safety Tips

Children should never be left alone outside. Adult supervision is a must.

Check the outdoor play area regularly and routinely. Trash, sharp tree branches, tools, lawn equipment, and animal feces should be removed.

Remind and teach children not to play near the street and to ask for help if toys roll into the street or driveway.




Safe Set-up for an Outdoor Environment

Ensure all outdoor play areas are fenced, especially near a street, parking lot, pond, or lake.

Keep gates closed and install childproof latches.

Electrical appliances, such as air conditioners, must be surrounded with fences so children cannot reach them.

Remove gas grills from outdoor play areas.

Lock storage sheds, barns, and garages.


Here are more important tips/guidelines to remember:

Stay Hydrated

The body will lose precious fluids while children are having fun so make sure water is readily available. Be sure to keep the water cool on a hot day by storing in a cooler or insulated bag.

Know Your Limits

Parents should be aware of their children's activity level. Make sure to let your child take breaks if he or she is not very athletic and gets tired easily.

Have a First Aid Kit

Whether you are at home and letting your kids play in the backyard or out hiking with the family, always have a first aid kit with you. Keep it well stocked with bandages and other essentials. Make sure medicines are not expired.

Use Protective Gear

When your kid wants to go biking make sure he or she wears a helmet. If they are doing water sports, everyone should put on a life vest. If the family will go hiking, wear appropriate clothes and sturdy shoes. Ensure everyone in your family has the right equipment for any activity.

Keep Equipment in Good Shape

From trampoline, swing sets, inflatable water slides, to bounce houses, make sure that they are in good operating condition. Equipment must be checked at the beginning and end of each season when they are taken out and stored away. Damages of any kind should be repaired after each use. It's also important to have equipment serviced at regular intervals.


No matter what outdoor activity your children or the entire family enjoy, you can always do small things to ensure their safety. Follow these tips so everyone will have a good time with limited interruptions because of injury.