Fun Activities and Ideas To Do on a Trampoline

Being on a trampoline is a blast! Bouncing around makes kids happy but there are many other fun activities and ideas to do on a trampoline and we listed a few of our favorites for you to try!! 

Sprinkler fun. Put the sprinkler under the trampoline or off to one side for some bouncing and splashy fun. Kids will be delighted to put on their bathing suits and enjoy a hot summer day. The trampoline does get slippery so always be sure to exercise caution.

Giant chalkboard. Unleashed your children's creativity by letting them use the jumping surface as a giant canvas for them to draw anything to their heart's desire.

Dance party. Birthday parties and weekend play time are livelier when you add music. Everyone will surely have a rocking good time.

Super Heroes. Tap into your children's imagination by letting them wear those capes and run around like their favorite cartoon heroes.

Play basketball. This is a sure hit especially for boys. You can buy a trampoline that already has a pre-assembled hoop and backboard with frame parts. Important things to remember including not letting anyone hang on the rim and one person jumping at a time.

Childhood games. From Ring around the Rosie, Simon Says, Hopscotch, to Follow the Leader these childhood favorites can be enjoyed even more with a bounce. One favorite of ours is the Rock, Paper, Scissors. Rock is landing on your hands and knees, paper is landing flat, and scissors is landing as a seat drop. Adult supervision is strongly advised to make sure these games are safely played.

Outdoor movie. There is movie night if everyone is in the mood for some popcorn. This can be set up by putting up a white sheet, have the projector ready, and guarantee it will be a fun and memorable time!!

Sleepovers. Trampolines are more exciting now with the incorporation of tents. Kids can relax by adding pile of pillows and just sit and talk. No itchy grass and no ants crawling on foods but a fun night under the stars.

And let's not forget the parents too. Be creative and romantic. Date night on a trampoline and star gazing is a must to do with the one you love.

Always remember that there is always a possibility for injuries while engaging on some activities on a trampoline so adult supervision is very important. As a parent, you are responsible in knowing your kid's skill level and abilities if they are ready to perform these activities.


Important Trampoline Safety Tips

1. Know the rules. Talk with your kids about safety before they step inside the trampoline.

2. No multiple jumpers. Only one jumper at a time. This will help decrease the risk of any injury.

3. Keep the door zipped shut when activities are ongoing. No pushing around when entering and exiting.

4. The surface underneath should be cleared of any sharp or hard objects, people, and even pets when children are jumping around the trampoline

5. Clean the trampoline on a regular basis and check all the parts before letting the anyone use it.