Fun and Interesting Trampoline Facts

Trampolining is now one of the favorite backyard entertainment in every American household. It is for this reason that we thought it is right that you know a thing or two about them. Here are a few interesting facts about trampolines that you may like to know.





1. An American by the name of George Nissen was responsible for inventing the trampoline in 1936. He was inspired by trapeze artists using safety nets in their death defying stunts.

He built his first trampoline in a garage. Nissen was a gymnast and was able to test his first prototype. Together with his coach Larry Griswold, they went on to form their own company selling "rebounders", as they were first called and began to mass manufacture the product.


2. The name trampoline came from the Spanish word "El Trampolin" which means diving board.


3. The trampoline was used to train pilots during World War II. It helps to instruct body position and sensations associated with flight.


4. Future astronauts use trampoline as part of their training. NASA's space training program believed that trampolining can help prevent nausea and sickness during space travel, strengthen bone and muscle during space flight, and teaches astronaut how to handle sudden bouncing and zero G spaceflight.


5. There are many sports these days that use trampolines for their training. It is considered a great training tool because it helps promote balance, fitness, and coordination. For example, divers use trampoline for practicing their skills and the most elite snowboarders and skiers use them in practicing aerial skills.


6. The first World Championships were held in London in 1964. Judy Wills Cline became the first world champion and held a total of ten world titles in trampoline, synchronized trampoline, and tumbling. Dan Mill man became the first men's World Champion, also crowned in 1964. 


7. Nissen's goal to make it an Olympic sport came true during the 2000 Sydney Olympics where it was first introduced. He was 86 years old when it happened. A Russian athlete by the name of Irina Karavaeva was the first gold medal recipient of the Olympic trampoline competition. China, which is considered a powerhouse in the sport also won medals for both their male and female athletes.

8. A team of six from the Delta Epsilon at Cleveland State University set the record with 53 days bouncing. They were then congratulated by their fellow fraternity brother, Ronald Reagan upon completion of their feat.


9. Wales is the place to be if you want to see the world's largest trampoline. Bounce Below is part of Zip World, an outdoor recreation facility located in an old mine in the town of Blaenau Ffestiniog and was opened to public in 2014.


10. The largest known trampoline club in the world is the Gillingham Jumpers based in Kent. It has an estimated 1500 members bouncing around the Jumpers Rebound Centre every week.