Fun Outdoor Activities for Parents and Children

It's not easy to keep kids entertain today especially in a world dominated by technology. It is important that parents make time to be with their children and engage them in activities that are not just fun but will bring the family closer.


This one great activity doesn't mean you should pack up a car, go for a long-distance drive, and find a secluded campground spot. Why not gather all the kids and instead spend camping in the backyard? There are stories to tell, songs to sing, and pretend that you are miles away from civilization. Don't forget to lock the house and unplug the gadgets. Keep in mind that your kids will remember the time spend together as family instead of the camping venue or its duration.


What better way to tap into a kid's inner green thumb than starting a flower or vegetable garden with the help of mommy? There is something magical, fun, and surprising about gardens. Children are curious, like to learn by doing, and love to play dirt. All kids could benefit a little more physical activity and sunshine they'll get while gardening. This activity is also a great way to teach environmental awareness by exploring the workings of nature. Most importantly, gardening provides time for meaningful family connection. It also allows for team building and promotes communication skills among family members.


This is a wonderful activity for the entire family during the weekend or any time during the summer. Try hiking close to home since children tend to get too tried or even plain uninterested. Hiking close to home is a better idea for a first few treks. Another important thing is to pack the essentials such as sunscreen, food and water, first-aid kit, rain gear, hats, bug spray, and extra clothes. With kids around, consider these tips. With the right amount of snacks and curiosity, the family will sure have an exciting hike.


There is something enjoyable about throwing a line in the water and seeing a catch that’s why fishing is a good outdoor activity for Dads with their sons and even daughters. As parents, remember to keep it simple especially when it comes to fishing techniques and use kid-friendly equipment. Your goal is to make this a fun experience for your kid so be patient. Keep them interested and don't lose your temper. Catching a fish is where the joy comes from so make it a success for young, impatient, and excitable children by choosing the location carefully and using effective bait.

Play Games in the Great Outdoors

Everyone has an inner child in them so it's not unusual for Dad to play soap soaker or throw a frisbee with the boys. Mom can blow bubbles or try the lawn twister. From big blue to sky to the night sky, there are no limits as to the fun a family can do together. Introduce other nighttime activities to your kids. Parents can teach kids about space and astronomy through stargazing. Check the calendar for expected meteor showers or for the different moon phases. Other activities include watching an outdoor movie and roasting marshmallows or making S'mores by using the outdoor fireplace or fire pit.

There are no such thing as simple or basic activities if it gives your family some well-deserved quality time together. Try these outdoor activities so you can give your children happy and fun memories that will last a lifetime.