Reading and its Role in a Child's Development

If your kids spend more time with video games and television than flipping through the pages of books, then you are part of the alarming percentage of American families which do not have any books in their homes at all.

What parents should remember is that reading is not just a fun thing to do but it is critical in a child's development. Reading should not be seen as a chore since it will turn many children off books for life. It is vital since the ability to read helps in the academic progress of a child. Reading also offer valuable educational, social, and emotional learning tools that provide a strong foundation for children to grow.


Here are some reasons as to why parents should encourage kids to read:

1. It strengthen the bond between a parent and a child

Reading to your child is a beautiful moment. You are free from the distraction of emails, house chores, or television and focus on just the two of you escaping on an adventure together.

2. Increases vocabulary and child's language skills

Reading can introduce your child to new words. The more a child reads, the more words he or she can gain exposure to. Being articulate and well-spoken at an early age can help boost a child's confidence and self-esteem.

3. It broadens and helps build a child's imagination

Reading introduces a child to characters, concepts, and relationships beyond their everyday experiences. Watching a television show requires little engaging with the brain, but with books a child has to bring his own effort to the process. He needs to have picture or scene on his mind of what is happening, and being able to create all this wonderful experience in his mind.

4. It will cultivate a regular habit

Have you ever heard of the term bookworm? Once a child has been introduced to reading books at a young age, they will continue doing so as they get older. As they discover a new love and passion for reading, they will less likely to be obsessed with the internet, video games, and television.

5. It improves focus and concentration, memory retention, and analytical thinking skills

Reading requires for a child to remember assortment of characters, their backgrounds, history, etc. and the brain is a marvelous thing and can remember these things with relative ease. If a child gets to read a mystery novel, and solved the mystery before finishing the book then he was able to put critical and analytical thinking to work by taking note of all the details provided.

6. It is free entertainment and fun

If a child is lucky enough to come from a family of wide readers, there is always the availability of books to read. The beautiful thing about books is that it can be passed down to generations. Parents should also take time to bring their kids to the local library in the area, if there is none available ask some friends or neighbors if they have books that you can borrow. Most importantly, fun time is important to kids so discovering and meeting a few literary characters is a wonderful thing.


It's a parent's job to provide their children with the necessary tools to grow into a wonderful human being. Books rarely fail to deliver their value so open a book and you'll be amazed what five minutes of reading can do for your child.