Simple and Fun Ways to Encourage Kids to Play Outside

Children growing up in the 70's and 80's enjoyed more outdoor play keeping them active, healthy, and social. The children today would rather stay indoors and watch TV, or play video games. Time has changed and who would have imagined that parents these days need to find ways to send their children outside to play.

Top Tips to Encourage Outdoor Play

1. Create a child-friendly backyard if you live in a house.You can put up swing sets and have your kids sliding and climbing walls or bouncing happily on a trampoline.

2. Play sports such as soccer and t-ball. Boys love to kick the ball around and it is a good way for fathers to bond with their sons.

3. Kids love tools so give them discovery kits which include bug box, trowel, magnifier, pail, etc.

4. Have a picnic. Grab the outdoor blanket and watch your kids run around chasing butterflies or playing with other kids in the park.

5. Think beyond your backyard. Take children canoeing, kayaking, or fishing. There is always an abundance of natural resources if you know where to look.

6. Allow your children to explore when you are taking them to parks and other natural areas. They can decide which trails to take but just remember to stay close for safety.

7. Going for a walk may sound simple and easy and it really is. Walking is a good way to stretch those legs and have fun at the same time by pointing out different things to your kids along the way.

8. Make it social. Invite the neighborhood kids to come over and play. Playing is more fun with friends to do with.

9. Have the family pet involved. From walking the dog around the block to playing fetch, chase, and even catch there are no shortage of activities a kid can do with a pooch.

10. Do a treasure hunt in your very own backyard. This is definite kid pleaser. Reward them such as having a night off from cleaning the dishes or simply spending time with Mom or Dad.





Children having time to play outdoors will benefit them both physically and mentally. It is also an opportunity for parents to bond with their kids together as a family. Having outdoor time on a consistent basis encourages a child to appreciate, respect, and play with the natural world around them.