Water Safety Tips for A Fun and Safe Summer

Summer seems to be incomplete without a trip to the beach or having a fun-filled day in the backyard pool. This is the perfect time for children to beat the heat. However, it is important to keep their safety in mind. According to poolsafely.gov, "Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death in children ages 1-4."

To keep you from constant worrying as your kids are about to take a plunge and have a splashing summer, have a look at our tips to keep them happy and safe.

Start with the Basic

Teaching kids to swim is not just a good idea, it's a great idea! Children can learn basic swimming techniques from their early interaction with water. This may sound simple but with regular lessons they will find those techniques useful when they are in scary situations. Parents can teach their own children to swim or may even enroll them in swimming classes during the weekends.

Within reach, within sight

Don't take chances. Never leave a child unattended or unsupervised in any body of water regardless of their swimming abilities. While at the beach and public pools, stay close and pay attention. At times, life guards are on duty but as parents it is your responsibility to keep a watchful eye on your kids.

Buddy System

Having a buddy  to swim with is not just fun, it's also lifesaving. There is always someone who can raise an alarm if something goes wrong. Drowning is a silent death; a buddy could be the one who prevents it.

Put on the Life Jackets

Flotation devices should never be considered optional especially for kids who don't feel comfortable in the water. If you plan on bringing your kids on a boat or other water craft, it is a must for them to wear life jackets because there is always the risk of falling off a boat. Life jackets will keep kids afloat in case they hit their head during an impact. Kids look up to their parents as role models. Be a good one and show them how it's done by wearing a life jacket too.

Pool Essentials

Think about providing layers of protection such as pool covers, pool-fencing, self-closing gates, pool alarms, and automatic safety covers. "Floaties" are not good substitutes for approved life vests and can give parents false sense of security so avoid this inflatable swimming aids. Remember to warn your kids about pool drains and suction outlets and to never swim near them. 

Be Ready

As a parent, rest your fears by learning CPR so you know how to respond to water injuries and even potential drowning.

It is better to be safe than sorry. There is always a possibility of something going wrong so be careful and be cautious when it comes to your children's safety.


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