How to Keep Kids Safe on Trampolines

Trampolines are fun and addictive that's why safety should not be taken for granted. The American Association of Pediatrics (AAP) discourages recreational trampolines use and consider it too dangerous for children to use outside of a structured sports training program with proper supervision. Despite the warnings, trampolines continue to inspire a lot of backyard fun and kids can't resist jumping on them.

Trampolining is good for physical fitness and help today's children stay active. But is it safe? The use of backyard trampolines can be enjoyable and healthy activity for children for as long as safety precautions are in place.


Before Jumping

Check the springs. Make sure that all the springs are properly fixed in their position and are securely attached to the trampoline. It should also be tight enough for the kids to bounce high. Have springs that are worn out and too stretched or corroded replaced right away.

Install safety pads. Don't leave steel frame, springs, or even hooks left uncovered. When purchasing trampolines, chose models with safety pads to cover the springs, hooks, and frames. The color of the pads should be in contrast with that of the frame and mat.

Netting and enclosure. A safety net is instrumental in preventing your kids from falling off the trampoline so purchasing trampoline models with safety nets as part of the design is more practical.

Clear off the trampoline. Ensure that you have a safety perimeter of at least 3 meters or more around the trampoline. Don't install the trampoline near trees, poles, or fences. The trampoline should be free of any items before the kids will start jumping.


Jumping on a Trampoline

The real risk of injury happens when kids are on a trampoline. The most important thing to remember is that adults should always supervise children.

Parents should also establish clear rules. Here are set of rules to follow while they’re on the trampoline:

  • No somersaults, flips, or any other acrobatics.
  • No bringing of balls and other objects on the trampoline.
  • Children under the age of 6 should be kept off the full-size trampoline.
  • Wear appropriate clothing and avoid clothes with drawstrings.
  • Remove all jewelry and any life sharp objects in the pockets before jumping.
  • No roughhousing.
  • Only one jumper at a time.
  • No food or drinks while on the trampoline. Eating or drinking should be discouraged.
  • A person under the influence of alcohol or drugs should never be allowed on the trampoline.


Keep in mind that one injury could ruin the fun for everyone so always follow these safety tips to make trampoline jumping a safe and enjoyable experience for your children at all times.