The Difference Between a Trampoline and a Rebounder

Rebounders and trampolines can be found in any sporting goods store in the country. They may be similar in style, look, and making but these two have a different function and each has its own uniqueness. Both devices are similar in nature but have a few differences.


Trampoline can be a very good source of outdoor activity or even workout, but the primary benefit of the item is as a recreational device. Fun is often associated with trampolines whether it is set up in the backyard or at a recreational center.

Rebounders or are primarily used for aerobic exercise routines. It is used for simple vertical up and down jumping. Incorporating elements of aerobics such as the use of dumbbells or stretch bands can be made more exciting while exercising on a rebounder.


Size and Utility

Rebounder is smaller in size and is built for one person. They are typically circular and measures less than 4 feet in diameter. This size makes rebounders ideal for travel and gym-based workout classes. Rebounders also have a smaller bounce which are typically about 3 1/2 feet. It also sits one to two feet off the ground to allow added safety in case a person loses balance during exercise.

An outdoor trampoline is significantly larger than rebounders and intended for multiple people, mainly children to use at the same time. They often span 10 or more feet in diameter and are usually three to four feet above the ground.


Both rebounders and trampolines have a certain level of risks or injuries involved with their use. There are trampoline models available which include safety enclosures to prevent someone falling to the ground during a jump. Protective spring pads in trampolines are also integrated to make them relatively safer.

The low height of rebounders makes them considerably safe for workouts. There are no high jumps, flips, and handsprings perform on this device which right away eliminates the risk of falls.


Remember that when choosing between a trampoline or rebounder depends on who will be using the equipment, how it will be used, and where it will be used.

If fun and backyard entertainment is the one you have in mind while also having your kids practice simple bounce and jog for fitness, then a trampoline is a good choice. But if you are single and having a limited space at your place, then a rebounder will give you the exercise platform that you need.


The final decision is yours. You can either buy a trampoline or rebounder, just make sure that it meets your expectations and serve its purpose.