SkyBound Stratos 12ft Round Trampoline with Full Enclosure (SB-T12STR01)

SkyBound Stratos 12ft Trampoline with Full Enclosure (SB-T12STR01)

The SkyBound Stratos was designed to raise the bar and fully exceed customer expectation by providing premium trampolines and outdoor accessories. Push-pin technology with fastest installation time. This great bouncy trampoline can inspire kids to dream and use their imagination. The Enclosure System includes twelve steel enclosure poles for increased structural stability and maximum user safety.

Features and Benefits:

  • Simple, easy to read instructions with lightning-quick installation times
  • Push-pin technology allows for a fast, easy set up and break down of the trampoline's frame and enclosure system.
  • Without the use of brackets, braces, screws, washers, nuts and bolts, this highly functional, aesthetically-pleasing, minimalist design allows for much faster set-up and installation times .
  • Vinyl PVC on pad and poles provides superior protection against UV exposure
  • 12-point enclosure pole system offers incredible stability and maximum user safety
  • Powder-coating and gold springs helps prevent damage from weathering and rust
  • Designed for use by users, ages 6 and up (330 lbs max user weight).



    The SkyBound Stratos trampoline features:

    • Lightning-Quick Enclosure System Installation
    • Black, Powder-Coated Galvanized Steel Frame
    • 12 Spot-Welded Steel Enclosure Poles
    • 6 W-shaped legs
    • High-Density 120g/m2 Concave Safety Enclosure Net
    • Thick, Black and Yellow, Two-Piece Foam Safety Pad
    • 5 in Galvanized, Zinc, Hot-Dipped Gold Springs
    • Proprietary, Vinyl, Film-Coated Enclosure Pole Foam
    • 10 Year Frame Warranty

    The Enclosure System includes 12 welded-steel enclosure poles for increased structural stability and maximum user safety. The enclosure poles and pad are shielded and covered by SkyBound's proprietary blend of vinyl PVC material & pole foam, which when compared to standard foam noodles, better withstand UV degradation from the sun's harmful rays. The bottom of the enclosure net attaches directly to the trampoline mat's v-rings, helping to keep wayward feet and hands within the jumping mat surface area and away from steel parts.


    SkyBound Stratos 12ft Trampoline with Full Enclosure System

    • Diameter: 12ft
    • Springs: 84 x 8.5in Premium Gold Springs
    • Frame Height: 34in
    • Mat: 10 Rows Stitching, 480h UV test passed, Environmental Protection Test Passed
    • Pad: PVC Top shell, PE Bottom Shell
    • Pad Foam: EPE Foam, .79in thick
    • Enclosure Net: Lightning-Quick Install, 480h UV Test Passed, Environmental Protection Test Passed
    • Enclosure Pole Quantity: 12
    • Enclosure Pole Foam: EPE Foam, Black Vinyl Coating
    • Max User Weight: 330lbs
    • Warranty: 10 Year Steel Frame Warranty
    • Box 1 Dimensions: 43x20x9in (89.43lbs)
    • Box 2 Dimensions: 43x20x9in (85.14lbs)
    • Box 3 Dimensions: 44x20x6in (73.66lbs)

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